Defence Coatings

Defence Coatings

We have years of experience applying defence coatings and offer a full range of finishes to all relevent standards including Defstan and MilSpec details.

Because of their specification most defence coatings are applied to Class 1 finish standards with no paint inclusions, paint build or other blemishes.

Typical defence coatings include:

Infra-red Reflecting (IRR)

camouflage in Nato Green, Black and Desert Tan can be applied to specification. A range of DefStans specify requirements for IRR finishing, all of which can be satisfied through a variety of paint sources, inlcuding DEFStan 80-166, DEFStan 80-122, DEFStan 80-153, DEFStan 80-208, DEFStan 80-41 and DEFStan 80-209.

CARC Coatings

Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings are commonly used on vehicle parts such as wheels and chassis components that might come into contact with chemical agents in the field by driving through contaminated areas. We have the experience of applying these coatings to the highest standards.


Electromagnetic coatings are commonly required for reducing radar profiles.

Electonic Enclosures

We often coat electronics enclosures with a range of specified systems. These system offer a range of benefits including durability, toughness and chemical resistence.


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